Tales of the Biomed covers funny anecdotes and photos collected over the past 40+ years by David W. Braeutigam and his friends. Years of sharing these ‘war stories’ with other biomed techs prompted David to finally share those great stories with others in the biomed field.

David was trained as a biomed tech in the U.S. Army at Fitzsimons in Aurora, Colorado in the late 1970’s. His career took him to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC, Fort Bragg in North Carolina, a hospital in El Paso, Texas and finally to hospitals throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex. Today he serves as a Healthcare Technology Management consultant and writer.

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Tales of the Biomed

1st Lieutenant Carroll Gene Henry grew up in West Texas in the towns of Midland and San Angelo. Once he saw his first airplane he wanted to fly. With the advent of WWII he joined the United States Army Air Forces to be a pilot. After he failed pilot training, he became a bombardier and a navigator. He served with the 408th Bomb Squadron in the Southwest Pacific Area. This book is an overview of his life including pictures, letters, a diary he kept during the war, mission reports and newspaper clippings.

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A Red Raiders Officer's Diary during WWII
A personal diary of 1st Lt. Carroll G. Henry with the 408th Bomb Squadron in the Southwest Pacific

David is a 2nd Cousin to Elgin J. Luckenbach and the family historian. He has been fascinated with the story of his cousin that went MIA in WWII.
Upon reading a story in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram in November of 2002 about “Black Sunday” the date sounded familiar. When he went back into his research he found the date matched the day Elgin went missing. He immediately contacted his cousins who had already been contacted for DNA samples from JPAC.
After four long years of recovery and DNA testing Elgin was returned to the United States and buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.
This book is a story of his journey from Luckenbach to the Pacific and back to the United States after his recovery and the brave men who perished with him.

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Royal Flush and Black Sunday
April 16, 1944
When the 408th Bomb Squadron lost Capt Paschal, Lt Widsteen, Lt Giugliano, Lt Gullion, Lt Rehmet, SSG Luckenbach, SSG King, SSG May, SSG Lowery, SGT Borofsky and SGT Harm in a plane crash in New Guinea during WWII.

Early in my journey to become a consultant, I ran across several people that also had an interest in consulting. I read numerous books on general consulting and decided to write a book specifically just for the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) profession on how to become an HTM consultant.
This book should walk you down the steps you need to take to get initially started as you begin your business and steps to later make you successful in your consulting career. 

While this book refers to the experience of the author and advice he received from reading and from friends, be sure to consult with an attorney, an accountant and your banker when appropriate

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How to Become an HTM Consultant

Braeutigam Family of Fredericksburg, Texas
​Photographs of the Family of Johann and Christine Braeutigam

I have been researching the Braeutigam Family since 1989. I have collected hundreds of photographs and articles since then. This book is a collection of those photographs, wedding certificates and newspaper clippings that I have collected. 

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The Sons of Donald and Kathryn Fanning

A collection of the photos of the three Fanning boys growing up on a farm in Artesia, New Mexico. 

These photos were in the home of Doanld and Kathryn Fanning and represent the boys as they grew to young men.

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Cigar Diary
Your personal diary of your favorite smokes

Cigar Diary is a perfect place to document your favorite cigars, the cigar band, where you bought the cigar, how much you paid for the cigar plus the food and drink you enjoyed with it.

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