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  1. This book should walk you down the steps you need to take to get initially started as you begin your business and steps to later make you successful in your HTM consulting career. While this book refers to the experience of the author and advice he received from reading and from friends, be sure to consult with an attorney, an accountant and your banker when appropriate.
  2. The privately published family history of Johann Wolfgang Braeutigam and Christine Kensing Braeutigam.
  3. David is a 2nd Cousin to Elgin J. Luckenbach and the family historian. He has been fascinated with the story of his cousin that went MIA in WWII. Upon reading a story in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram in November of 2002 about “Black Sunday” the date sounded familiar. When he went back into his research he found the date matched the day Elgin went missing. He immediately contacted his cousins who had already been contacted for DNA samples from JPAC. After four long years of recovery and DNA testing Elgin was returned to the United States and buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. This book is a story of his journey from Luckenbach to the Pacific and back to the United States after his recovery and the brave men who perished with him.
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